day 15 – post ride

today we relaxed. we slept in(not really) as long as our internal clocks would allow. since we were up before sunrise every morning we didn’t really sleep late. we stopped by the tattoo shop so i could get a touchup on mine. the island had weathered me fairly well. there were a few shops that we wanted to revisit before it was time to pack everything up. we gathered a few things, had a small lunch and then began packing.

it was funny to see some of the clothes and other things we had in our luggage from before we left, like being reunited with something you had forgotten about. we packed everything, and it was time to disassemble the bicycles. once the bicycles were in the bags, we were officially ready to go, even though we still had a day to stay.

we went to kona brewery for our goodbye dinner and had some great food. a few others from the tour showed up and we had drinks with them. this would be the last time that we met with anyone from the group. our trip was finally done and we were ready to fly home. i had made the mistake of filling the insulated growler at kona brewery, and already had beer in the fridge at the hotel. it was enough to provide a nice sleep to close the night.

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