33 Days

so much time has passed since my last update. i was planning on doing more updates. i am still ecstatic about the upcoming tour and can’t wait to provide more info.

just like the sea-key ride, i am making sure everything is all set before i go. i have rebuilt much of the AWOLxPoler, including a new rear rack, new crankset and chainrings, new rear cassette, new rims, new tires, new cables(brakes and shifters) and a few other things. i had an issue with my panniers that came with the bicycle and reached out to the supplier. they said they would be sending me a new pair! for some reason my new cable set didn’t come with barrel adjusters and since i put the cables in, i don’t want to take them out. i purchased the adjusters and am not looking forward to taking everything out again. this morning before work, i flipped the brackets on my rear rack to make it a little lower. last week i reached out to Poler because the panniers that came with my bicycle were coming apart at a seam. it was fixable. they let me know that they would be more than willing to send me the last pair of panniers they had in stock. how could i say no to free bike stuff.

i went camping this weekend with rei. it was good to get out some of the equipment that is going on the tour and make sure everything is in order. kayaking and hiking were planned too, but due to weather, kayaking was canceled. i met a ton of all around awesome people. we had dinner together, hiked and learned some new stuff. with just over a month left, it definitely feels like it is time to start preparing.

a few weeks ago there was a ride around vancouver with a friend of mine who gave a great tour of the area. it was nice to get out and ride for a bit. it also made me feel like i should be riding more. maybe i will setup the trainer and get some miles in over the next few weeks when i have free time.

as it stands right now, i only need to buy a few small things before the tour. everything seems like it is falling into place.2016-09-17-14-54-47





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