10 days away

only seven days remaining before the flight takes off. i spent the weekend making adjustments on my trusty bicycle, and the past two days oiling and waxing my saddle. the weekend came to a close with my bike being fully tuned up and washed clean. almost everything needed for the tour has been purchased and packed, with the exception of a handful of things left to purchase. those last items will be picked up when the plane lands, and the bicycle is assembled. mail is on hold, work is set(maybe?), and packing(and repacking) has finished. i’ll probably have the bicycles packed up on wednesday next week, so that i don’t have to consider doing it the night before. i even put my two-legged pletcher back on the bike after riding without it for a year. i think it’s just temporary and will come off again after the tour.

i found a bicycle very similar to the r20 that was stolen a few years ago, for sale, within my price range, and in excellent shape. the only issue i have run into with it is purchasing it and getting it shipped here while i am away on tour. fingers crossed.

i am not nearly as nervous as i was when i did the sea-key tour last year, but i wasn’t really nervous for that. before that tour began, i just felt unsettled, like something was about to change. i am looking forward to getting away and sleeping in the tent again for a few weeks. i have thought through everything and am ready to go. seven days left…tick tock.

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